The 365 Journey

Inspiration is what has motivated me to take on such a creative commitment such as this in 2011! I followed one of the most amazing 365 photo bloggers last year and I was blown away at the growth, not only in her technique but her creativity as well. Through her blog, I was allowed to follow her through some of the most wonderful, stressful and emotional times that the year brought. What a fabulous way to document a "year in the life" of any individual! I am so excited to take this journey, to see what life may bring, and to enjoy the wild ride the next 365 days will bring. I hope you will enjoy it too!


My Life

I am "Mom" to 4 of the most AMAZING boys on this planet!
To say they keep me "busy" is an understatement... but I truly enjoy every moment I share with each of them!

This is my wonderful husband Mike! We are getting ready to celebrate our 13th Wedding Anniversary! He is truly my best friend and love of my life! 

As for me, I have been described as very "outgoing" and the "creative" one! I absolutely love projects! I have been interested in photography for the last five years and slowly learning the craft over the past three. This year my focus is to fine tune my skills and technique! I love family photography, the opportunity to catch moments like the one above is priceless!

Photography by Jen Bacher Photography