The 365 Journey

Inspiration is what has motivated me to take on such a creative commitment such as this in 2011! I followed one of the most amazing 365 photo bloggers last year and I was blown away at the growth, not only in her technique but her creativity as well. Through her blog, I was allowed to follow her through some of the most wonderful, stressful and emotional times that the year brought. What a fabulous way to document a "year in the life" of any individual! I am so excited to take this journey, to see what life may bring, and to enjoy the wild ride the next 365 days will bring. I hope you will enjoy it too!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Texture Questions Answered...

I too am so excited to be learning about textures! Let me start right off by pointing anyone who is interested in learning more about textures, and in getting some awesome freebies, over to Kim Klassens website! That's where you will find all of the goodies! She has great tips and tutorials, you can even sign up for once a week newsletters and freebies!

As far as textures that I have been using, they are all directly from her website! (all free) The latest one I used for one of my most recent posts "The Lovely Luncheon" was called
"Simple Things Sample," so much fun!!!  

Thanks for the questions and have fun with your new Textures!!!


Jen Giorgis said...

Hey there...I am a fellow 365'er. I started a little late and am not sure that I really know what I am doing. I love checking out your pictures. They are beautiful! I also love textures. I don't use them very often but am always on the look out for good ones. Thanks so much for the info. I am going to heck out her site.

Jennifer Giorgis

Amanda said...

Thanks for the info! Probably have to have photoshop to use them, huh? I only have online editing because of my silly processor in my computer.

Branson @ Reflection of Something said...

Thanks so much for sharing this!